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March 16, 2016

Introducing the Silver Thread Artist Hunt Emerson

Midlands artist Hunt Emerson, famous for being an artist on the Beano comic, will create the designs for the 11 tapestries.

Hunt also produced illustrations for one of the first projects the Community Arts team produced in the early 1990’s, a programme called Dreaming for Real on the Beechdale Estate. It is fitting that he has been chosen to produce the designs for the 25th Anniversary project. If anyone remembers taking part in arts projects on the Beechale, please get in touch with the team on 01922 653114.

Hunt Emerson's first sketch for Willenhall Tapestry

Hunt Emerson’s first sketch for Willenhall Tapestry

Hunt has been producing comic art and book illustration work since the early 1980’s, including the iconic logo and record sleeve illustrations for the 2Tone band, The Beat. He is more famously known for his work on the Beano, drawing a regular comic series for them since the Millennium.

Hunt is beavering away, researching and interpreting the elements chosen from the consultation meetings so far to start the design process. Pictured below is the sewing leads group looking at a sample produced depicting a leather worker and a sneak peak at his interpretation of the Willenhall clock tower. The content for each tapestry will be finalised on 21st March once the online survey is closed and we will have got round to visit as many groups as we can. Give us a call if we have missed you 01922 653114 and leave a message.

Sewing meeting Hunt sample

The designs for the Silver Thread Tapestries will be on public view for the first time on Sat April 30th, 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm at The Leather Museum, where there will be the first public opportunity for local people to sew and also meet all the sewing leads for the project.


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