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The Hippo Project

A young people’s project to showcase their views about what they like to do creatively & how creativity affects their lives. Art worker Richard Franks supported by Walsall Creative Development Team worked with 5 groups of young people to ask these questions and to illustrate their views creatively in a variety of ways.

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Beer Froth poetry book by Richard Archer

New Book from Richard Archer

Walsall poet, Richard Archer has a new book for sale. Beer Froth is a collection of poetry that ponders talk of pork scratchings and unicorns to OCD and Were-Hamsters. A collection designed to hopefully make you laugh and think, not necessarily in that order. Buy the book here.

2015/07/20 08:47 PM
Beer Froth poetry book by Richard Archer

Richard Archer – Poet

Richard Archer is a 45 year old Walsall poet who has been writing poetry for the last few years. He takes his inspiration from the world around him and has written poems on Walsall landmarks, pork scratchings, his dislike of Mondays and anything else that inspires him. He has recently published his first poetry anthology,…

Neth Brown – Freelance Painter & Writer

Neth Brown is a freelance painter and writer who works with a range of different media, the most popular being painting and poetry. She take on different projects and subject matters to work and looks for little messages and unnoticed details within artwork. Neth offers services for one off projects, as well as performances and events….

Walsall Town Festivcal

Walsall Town Festival – 18 to 26 July

Walsall Town Festival has been developed by members of the Creative Walsall Network, in partnership with Walsall Council’s Town Centre Management and Creative Development Teams, Creative Black Country, and fuelled by the sheer enthusiasm from local creative people who were keen to volunteer and add their skills to the mix to see what could be…

2015/06/24 09:11 PM

The MPV – The Return of the 5th

A New Lease of Life Previously known as the 5th Night Club; back in the early days, this former Drill Hall for the Territorial Army who moved out in 1984 and housing a monument for the 5th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment since it was built in 1910 will finally receive a new lease of life….

Black Country Blues

Ian Henery – Black Country Blues

Former Mayor of Walsall’s Poet Laureate, Ian Henery, will publish new book ‘Black Country Blues’ at the end of June. Ian Henery is an Ambassador of Walsall Poetry Society & regularly performs at the Barlow Theatre in Langley or Poetry Wednesbury. Many of the poems in the new book, published by Thynks Publications, have been published in Ian’s regular column in the…

2015/06/07 09:03 PM
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